German have good taste for wine

Glad to hear that Cantina Tollo winery won an award as the best Cooperative winery in Europe!

I really love their Colle Secco Rubino Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine and I never miss to buy some bottles when I go back to Abruzzo. Usually I give it as a gift to my friends and they never complain, for sure ;-)

"... an extraordinary award for the Abruzzo Region: the election of Cantina Tollo as the best Cooperative winery in Europe. The nomination came from the German publisher Meininger, the most important in Germany for specialized reviews, which in the last issue of Weinwirtshaft reports Cantina Tollo as the winner ahead of France (1 point per cent difference) and Germany (2.7 per cent). Also on a national level, great was the surprise. Even though among the top 10 wineries there are those from the north of Italy, with 4 cooperative from Alto Adige , 2 in Trentino and one in Piedmont, Cantina Tollo's winning states the first place is completely from Abruzzo, even in comparison with "jewels" such as the Alto Adige Winery Terlan, or Cavit from Trento. The news was announced at the end of July, but nobody thought that the grading refers to the entire Europe, not only to Italy. Cantina Tollo’s victory proves once again that our country has everything it takes to win the French myth and that central Italy has the capability of competing with real "models" of success The evaluation criterion was wine tasting."

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