Lotus Domino server: when OLE Automation stop working...

There was a Domino server happily  running on Windows 2008 64-bit and there was a scheduled LS agent too.

Usually that agent, using OLE Automation, created MS Excel worksheets there were temporary saved in the Windows temp folder: suddenly it stopped working! how come?!

It was useless to trap any error message inside the code...No error messages, nothing, and only when running  server-side (client-side it was fine).

Before almost getting crazy, the answer to the was found on the IBM forum (thanks Beppe) that send me to the StackOverflow post.

I created the missing  folder "Desktop" in the following path:

After that, the agent was running as expected.


Stephan Wissel said...

Speak after me: I will not use OLE on a Domino server, BIG promise.

The better way: Create a Java agent (or on 852: XPage / OSGi plug-in) that uses Apache POI to create/update the Excel document.
No server install of Excel required, runs on all supported server platforms.

Unknown said...

I promise Stephan! ;-)
Anyhow I already married Java (my wife is from Surabaya).

Iarin said...

Or use xml extension ti create Excel file without Excel, same a text file ;-)