Best practices to kill your Domino performances?

Recently I had the chance to see some  Lotus Domino boxes (version 8.5.1) with really bad configurations or out of control situations:

  • Domino transaction log dir set to the SAME disk unit as Domino data directory
  • DAOS directory inside the Domino data dir
  • a Notes database with the size of almost 64 GB and with nasty access troubles
  • a Domino mail directory, defined as a link under the data dir but actually saved to an external USB disk formatted as FAT32
Is there anything worse than that ? ;-)  


Unknown said...

How about 3 hour agents (That didn't need to be)

Or Deleting and re-creating 10s of thousands of notesdocuments rather than simply adding and removing the ones that changed. (Deletion Stub Hell)

Stephan H. Wissel said...

Or how about:
having an app with 500k of documents and 10 views with @Today in the selection formula

Paul Mooney said...

You don't want me to get started with stories...

Keith Brooks said...

I bet when queried they did the USB thing because of disk space and to ensure a backup copy :-)
Don't be too hard on the trans log and DAOS being int he same place, some people only have one server, 1 hard drive or maybe 2 partitions to the drive.
But yes, reality has a way of making things work that are not documented.