ILUG 2010 memory snapshots

ILUG2010 was my second ILUG event for me, I also attended the 2007 edition with my colleague and friend Vincenzo. This year another colleague, Fabrizio, was part of the "Italian dream team" in Northern Ireland ;-)

I thank the company I work for, Gruppo Ciemme, for allowing three people to join the ILUG.

I must admit I was a little bit worried that this year event would be disappointing because the 2007 edition was really amazing, brilliant and also a big surprise since it was my first Lotus Community event ever.
I was wrong.

For many reason the 2010 event was amazing as much as 2007.

I could make a list of all technical stuff I learned in Belfast, but I'll take some snapshots from my weak memory, just a listing driven by my emotions rather than from my brain.

Here's the list I liked/not liked in no specific order:

  • the kindness of Eileen Fitzgerald: always a pleasure to talk with her
  • the food from Northern Ireland:
    it was ok tasting the Irish breakfast based on eggs, bacon, sauges and beans, but not everyday! One day we had the brilliant idea to ask for a typical Irish dish in a little town and, guess what, we received an all-friend dish (bacon, 2 sausages, beans, one egg, fried bread) for lunch. No dinner that night...
    But we also eat fish and chips, some tasy soups and some Irish dessert too.

  • the smartness of Paul Mooney and all other guys working for the ILUG, both organizers and speakers

  • meeting Jim Quill at the XPages support area:
    gosh, I asked him for a hint, he worked on my laptop and also called a colleague from the Lab to solve my problem. Amazing guy.

  • meeting Tony McGuckin and Martin Donnelly from the IBM XPages team in Ireland:
    friendly guys working for our future ;-) They will release a book about XPages available after Lotusphere

  • meeting Ulrich Krause:
    Mr. DAOS and chef of HappyTrigger on openNTF; I found out that he's from Duisburg (Germany), the same place where my Italian uncle and aunt worked for 30 years in a steel company.

  • finally meeting Ed Brill: really a friendly guy, jumping on the stage to publicly thank Paul Mooney for his efforts about ILUG (from all of us). Ed was also nice to answer my question about Traveler for Android 2.x

  • meeting Mary Beth Raven: always a pleasure to talk with her

  • finally talking with Julian "OpenLog" Robichaux:
    this guy is a really a geek. And also a great podcaster on Taking Notes with Bruce Elgort.
    He likes an old Italian dish: spaghetti with meat balls, as in The Sopranos ... ;-)

  • missing Bruce Elgort:
    somebody told me that Bruce was not attending the ILUG event because Mr. Obama invited him to get first-hand info about the IdeaJam project ;-)

  • talking with Maureen Leland, chief Lotus Designer engineer:
    interesting preview of 8.5.3 , source control ideas shared with the community ("shadow sources" new expression invented in ILUG 2010!). And she's also mother of six children! Wow.

  • talking with several taxi drivers in Belfast:
    the subject most the time was soccer (Mr. Ancellotti in Chelsea, Mancini in Manchester City, old glory Zola) and also Italian food (pasta, ravioli, Bolognese tomato sauce with minced meat). Sometimes we talked about "the troubles" in town, politics of course, but never too deeply.

  • visiting "the murales" in Belfast, in the evening:
    really amazing paintings reminding me of a bloody conflict I never really studied at school.
    When back in Italy, I was amazed that our taxi driver was a history student that knew about the catholic-protestant conflict. Fate.

  • low temperature in Belfast:
    really cold , brrrr. One evening it was so raining and so windy that I broke my umbrella and I also got so wet that I ran back to the hotel room.

  • Visiting the Rope Bridge and Giant Causeway:
    interesting places worth a visit

  • meeting friendly sponsors guys:
    Teamstudio's Mr. Bonanno, Simon and Micaela, Crossware's Paul, Integra's smart people (I apologize I can't remember your names), Notesconnector's guys from Minnesota, RIM's smart Jennifer and all the other sponsors.

  • some interesting pubs:
    "The Crown" pub of course, a pub with warm music and also a tiny pub without turists but genuine atmosphere

  • meeting Miguel Calvo:
    he's part of the Spanish user group community and he stopped me during a lunch break to say hello and have a chat. Nice guy.

  • meeting Rob Novak:
    nice guy as usual, and not only for the Guinness beer ;-)

  • meeting Jamie Magee & Franziska Tanner, Matt White & Tim Clark, Bob Balaban, Steve McDonagh, and all blosphere stars

  • winning some prizes in ILUG:
    ok, Mr. Miller is a lucky man ("busone" in Bolognese slang), he won an iPad and a BB phone...
    But I won a BB Media Pack and Vincenzo an iPod Touch! Not bad.
Sorry if my list is not complete I skipped someone, getting older...

Unluckely I will not attend Lotusphere 2011, unless someone has a free entrance ticket for me... ;-)

In the mean time, I'll enjoy the memories from ILUG 2010. Cheers!

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