How does Quickr round-trip editing works in Firefox?

Some days ago I had an issue with a Quickr feature called round-trip editing.

With round-trip feature enabled (default), if the Quickr Connector is installed and running on the local machine, a user watching a Quickr web page can click on a button named "Edit document":
clicking the button, the file is edited and managed by the local Quickr Connector (Windows only, of course), that is, for example, edit a file inside MS Word.

If the Connector is NOT installed on the user pc, that button will not be shown. (*)

The round-trip feature is also available on Firefox browser.

For some reason, the user could not see the "Edit document" button on the Quickr web page, even though the Connector was locally installed!

Moreover I wondered HOW a web browser like Firefox, not supporting ActiveX technology, could know  that the Quickr Connector was installed on the user pc...

Luckily I got the answer from David on the Quick forum:
the local Quickr Connector is listening on port 42073 on localhost and the Quickr web page makes a call/reference http://localhost:42073/connectors.js to get info from the Connector (if Connector available).Wow!

Great news to know that web technique, for some reason I thought a call would not be allowed on a localhost machine...

Knowing the above technique, I found out that the user web browser was set with Proxy settings and "localhost" was not excluded by the proxy management. Bingo!

Administrators can control the round-trip feature on server qpconfig.xml .

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