DDive 2001, the Italian Lotus User Group event!

Starting 1st July evening until Sunday 3rd July, DDive 2001, the Italian LUG event, will be held inside a castle, the Valbona castle! Not joking, it's a real castle, not a Disney-style one, built around year 1200.

The location is really nice, in Veneto region, famous for Arts, food and wine.

The event idea is great:
not-only yellow bleeders (turning to blueish...), but also their family; half a day speeches, half a day funny  activities.

I previously planned to attend the event, bringing also my family (yes, including Kevin!)  but suddenly a friend of mine decided to get married, so I decided for my friend great day ;-)

Actually I will miss meeting the Italian LUG community, especially the event core organizers, ie Claudio Meregalli, Daniele Grillo and the new acclaimed IBM champ Giuseppe Grasso.

Good luck to ALL the speakers, especially Fabrizio Marchesano, Vittorio Foschi and IBMers Roberto Boccadoro, Marco Paolini and Davide Pannuto!

Ed Brill is the guest star, don't miss his closing speech!
Ed, don't miss this chance to taste Northern Italian food, in the Anthony Bourdain style ;-)

See you next year!

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