Symantec and Backup Exec for Domino: happy (sweet and sour) ending

Somebody will remember my complains about a Symantec support a ticket I opened some months ago and was not still solved in the proper way. Also Keith had some problem with the Symantec support.

Luckly Ron Ruggles, a Symantec Senior Product Manager, read our blog posts and personally apologize for the delays and for the bad perception we had about their technical support.

Moreover he involved the best technicians to try to solve our tickets asap (in my case Russ Perry) .

I was still so disappointed with Symantec that I did not want to spend more time on the subject, Symantec already had lots of logs file, comments, e-mail, and so forth. No need to make other conferences, end of story.

Anyhow Russ took all the info from their Knowledge Base, created a test environement by himself and find a workaround. He send me a memo inviting me to test the workaround: I asked my client to give another try and we verified that it works. Russ also wrote a Technote in case other customers will face my same problem.

 Here are some thought on this experience:
  • before Ron and Russ intervention,  I gave up with Symantec Backup Exec for Lotus and I would never recommend it to other customers: now I changed my idea, at least I'm willing to give Symantec another try, even though I'm still afraid of the support, but at lease now I have the email address of Ron and Russ ;-)
  • blog post are useful to share experience about a product: company like Symantec cannot afford to have an online bad reputation, and I appreciated Symantec decided to commit with our cases
  • I expected Symantec to avoid such bad situation in advance, not just fix them afterward when it can be too late. How? Make statistics about open tickets, calculate average solution time for tickets, involve more experience people when tickets are open for too long, have the chief support officer call customers to have feedback about too long opened tickets, not trust just the support people but force them to pass it to other more competent people
  • by my side, I should not have been so patient with the support people, silently collecting logs, waiting for this and that reason: since I did not know Backup Exec, I trusted completly the Symantec guys and silently followed all their instructions, and that was not good
  • who is going to pay for the days we spent on the tickets? Is Symantec giving free license, a fruit basket  or any other bonus because of that bad experience we had?  little hope...

Anyhow, I really thank Ron and Russ  for their commitment to solve our problems, they made the difference, welcome back Symantec.

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