Mass mailing is killing your Domino server? Killing the sender is not an option

Some weeks ago a customer called me complaining that Domino was not working anymore and, guess what, we find out that somebody was sending a big memo to hundreds of people, memo containing a big attachment!

How to deal with that case? No way.... Unless you read the really useful AdminBlast 2012 slides from Paul Mooney (tip #21) and also the following IBM Technote:

How to avoid performance issues related to mass email delivery in Lotus Domino

You just need two notes.ini settings:


RouterMaxEffectiveSize=xxx (where xxx is in kilobytes.)

When enabled, this restriction will cause the router to present the Non-Delivery Failure (NDF) message when the number of recipients multiplied by the message size (in k bytes) is greater than the value specified by the notes.ini setting. The value of the RouterMaxEffectiveSize=setting is set in KB.

Thanks Paul :-)

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