Do you need some help to install IBM Connections 3.0.1 on Linux?

I recently installed a IBM Connections 3.0.1 pilot system over a Linux Suse SLES 64bit OS (one VM box for DB2+TDI, the other for WSA+Connections etc, 4 GB RAM each).

After some googling I found out the Christoph Stoettner 's nice  slides on the subject (written in German).

I dare to contact him by email  for the very first asking him the English version of his guide:
since there's no English version of his guide, he pointed out to another guide,  the Lotusphere 2012 Show300 "Become a Connections Hero- Install and Configure IBM Connections" session by  Rob Thatcher & Mike Cross

Thanks Christoph, Rob and Mike. The system is up and running, time to test it (seems very faaast!).

I also installed some Lotus Notes's plug-ins to work with Connections Activities, Status Updates and Files (see catalog here)

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