Why Quickr fix pack installer fails?

Recently I had to install the latest  Fix Pack on Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino, # 25, on a Windows box.

Normally you can choose which installation method to use:

  • manual:
    you copy/paste the Quickr FP files in the proper Domino server paths
  • automatic:
    you just run a jar file that knows what to do, as long you have a proper Java JRE and other requisites listed in the fix pack release notes (the easy and quicker way I like)

Every now and then, when I run the automatic fix pack installer I get the following error message:

Your Domino server is still running. Please shutdown the server and run the installer again

Of course the Domino service is NOT running, so I usually try to "nsd.exe -kill" any hang Domino process.
No way...

Next I open the Task Manager and try to kill any left process, if any. No way 2.

I even set Domino services to "manual" and restart the OS. No way 3.

Usually at this point, since I'm in a rush, I just give up and make a manual FP install, following the inluded notes, file by file  :-(

But this time I did not give up and, googling, I found this interesting IBM Technote:

The issue has been identified as being caused by any running application containing the substring of "nserver.exe" in it's name and thus the installer still considers the Domino server as running.For example: TVNServer.exe
Funny thing, watching my server processes, I could not find any "nserver.exe" substring in any process name! 
I decided to kill the process whose name was close to the "dangerous" one, even though not exactly the same:
xenservice.exe  (xensource windows guest agent)
After killing that process, the Quickr FP installation run smoothly.
I guess the Quickr FP installer needs to be improved :-)

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