Some issues solved about Domino on Linux SUSE SLES 11

Just today I had to install Fix Pack 1 for a Domino server version 8.5.3 on a Linux box, SUSE SLES 11 64bit.

Easy job, right? Actually not: when I ran installation script through a putty console I got an error soon after:
something like "Couldn't find strings.res ..." 

Lucklily I found out the following IBM Technote  #1198504 Upgrading the Domino AIX Server Fails

So it was an issue related to the LANG environment setting, not set or wrongly set.

In my case I followed the technote hints running the command to find the strings.res on the file system:
find /opt -name 'strings.res'
The output was just:

so I set the LANG env var to it_IT.UTF-8 (export LANG= it_IT.UTF-8) and successfully run the installation script for the fix pack.

In the past, on the same Linux box, I also had  an issue with the Linux script to start and stop the Domino server (script provided by Daniel):

when I ran the "/etc/init.d/rc_domino start" script through a text console window, the result was some scrambled text as output and also a crash of the Domino server, but I still could run the server with the graphical user interface (link on the desktop).

Since I solved the problem about the fix pack installation I realized how to solve the old problem:
I just modified the rc_domino_script script (provided by Daniel) setting the DOMINO_LANG var to it_IT.UTF-8 (and not just it_IT as previously set..).

Two problems solved, one cause :-)

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