Don't stare just the Clouds, watch out the ground! ( Earthquake in Italy)

By now everybody in the world should know about the earthquake in Northern Italy, in an area located among the cities of Bologna (Ducati bikes, oldest university in the world), Modena (Pavarotti singer, Ferrari) and Ferrara (Antonioni movie director, important arts city).

Many churches and houses collapsed, business stopped and is difficult to restart, many people died.

Some of my friends are experiencing the worst nightmare, fears, tears for what happened and what is still happening, tremors from the ground, night and day.

Emilia-Romagna region is a place of brave people, hard-workers, lovers of life and pleasure.

I publish here some pictures to try to summarize the event.

Take a special look to the home-made "device" to measure earthquake intensity! :-)

For the friends who want to help those unlucky people, FinecoBank, my bank, send me the bank coordinates to transfer money to:

Account name:
Terremoto in Emilia e Lombardia

Bonifico Donazione, SOS Terremoto

IBAN: IT64O0200812930000399999999

Have a nice week-end.

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