Where in the world is Cris?

Wow, I'm back to my blog after more than three months!

I was rather busy because I decided to... change my life!

To cut it short:
me and my family decided to leave my beloved Bologna (Italy) and move to Germay, Karlsruhe town (Baden-Wurttemberg region).

My wife Elly (who is is expert in the ERP subjects) had the chance to work with ABAS Software AG, a Karlsruhe-based multinational software company.

So we both decided to make a big change in our life (especially for me and Kevin) and move to Germany.

What about me?
Well, I need to find a job here, using my expertise about  IBM / Lotus Notes programming and administration (since 1997), so any helpfrom any of you  is welcome :-)

When I told our decision to our friends I got two reactions:
1) "are you crazy? move to Germany? it will be hard!"
2) "you did the right choice! Italy is disappointing... " (politics, economy...)

You know, I WAS born in Germany (Lorrach) and lived here until I was six, then my parents decided to move back to Italy. Since then I lived in Italy, recently in the Bologna area, but I forgot my German language :-( 

I don't know if it was the call of the wild, but now I'm back and I'm thrilled to start this new adventure in space (the new country) and time (memories from my childhood, some kind of Proust's madeleines..).

In the last three months my family and I were busy with the moving procedures, burocrazy, travelling from north to south Europe more than once, having little time to really relax.

I tell you, we are driven, no doubts about our decision, but know it's time to face all issues about our transfer to Germany, for example the German language that we need to learn, adaptation to food, people, burocrazy, etc). But learning German and finding a job have the hightest priorities.

Are we happy?
Right now the answer is yes, our feeling about Germany and the Karlsruhe area is really good:
  • the climate is good (compared to other German places)
  • the people are nice, our neighbours are helpful (some even speak English fluently)
  • the food is ok, I must be careful with the beer and the pork meat :-)
  • there are plenty of Italians ( from Sicily, Sardinia) and Indonesians working here
  • we are very close to France and Switzerland
  • the Black Forrest area is nice.

We are lucky to have some German friends who are helping us to start our new life here:
  • the Notes community (thanks Ulrich & Jurgen)
  • our neighbours (thanks Herr Rolf)
  • my wife's company (ABAS)

Wish us good luck, we need it :-)

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